This is Theodore Roosevelt III

I really wish there were stuff about him that I could say, but... c'mon! This guy was so overshadowed his entire life! He is named after his father, his grandfather, AND his great grandfather. Can you imagine a whole string of generation of men, each with the same name?! Kid never had an opportunity of doing anything special..

Like his name, the guy apparently followed the family tradition of military service followed by government service. Beats me what a Harvard graduate could do in the military but hey! I'm not even trying to solve this guys mystery...

The one that needs to solve the mystery.. is you, Shashank. :)

Note: If you aren't Shashank, you can ignore that. He's just some dude who followed my trail of breadcrumbs that started off on his birthday. That's an ironic fact, because within 24 hours, he was frustrated enough to want to kill himself

So are you ready to move forward to the next clue? That's too bad, because I'm just going to lead you back to square one. The whole point of this webpage is to tell you this: There's a hidden message in the sheet that contained my first clue.

The Maven